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Zipping Exhilaration Up in the Clouds

Being done with the winged creatures and a quick lunch by beautifully landscaped eating area, we moved on to the much anticipated and thrilling part of the day – zipping through the cloud forest of MonteVerde, Costa Rica. Our guides meet … Continue reading

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Going Green via Creative Encroachment!

Bangalore, known as the ‘Garden City of India’, is now unofficially called the Concrete Jungle. The once beautiful city attributed to its lovely greenery has lost its former glory to the ever rising growth of real estates, IT industries and a constant construction of flyovers. … Continue reading

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What’s all the buzz about?

After our awesome tour of the Butterfly Garden at the Selvatura Park at MonteVerde, Costa Rica, we walked over to the guided tour of the Insect Museum. The thought of being amidst a collection of once alive insects, might send an unpleasant … Continue reading

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Fluttering Away in Costa Rica!

After the hot, humid yet wonderful stay at Manuel Antonio, we headed on a long drive to the next popular town of Costa Rica – MonteVerde. We checked in at the Hotel Poco a Poco, a very eco-friendly place, so environmental friendly … Continue reading

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Stars within your reach!

When you are away from your homeland, no matter how much you love and are comfortable in your new country, you long for certain things that you grew up with. And among the list of things that I miss are … Continue reading

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Twist and Shout!

‘Ba, Ba, Bamba, Twist n Shout’ for, this one was no easy cake walk competition. In our daily challenge loaded lives, days like these are what we call ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’.

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Local and Balanced!

Identifying where the locals eat is one of the things my husband and I like to do when we travel. We found many such places in Costa Rica and boy, was the food good or what? Delicioso!! Their typical plate would … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Beholder’s eyes!

A first look at this plant at a nursery, I was instantly drawn to the intricate design of the flower. Then my eyes wandered to the lower section of the plant that held this wonder of a flower, and my … Continue reading

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Goofy Cappuccino Monkeys

Pura Vida again! Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Manuel Antonia National Park so far! Are you ready for more fun and surprise? Don’t forget your sunblock and bug spray, or you’ll be sorry that some thing bugged you. … Continue reading

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Pura Vida!

The alluring rainforests and warm beaches of Central America was a major decision maker for our summer vacation in 2012. So we took off for a 10 day adventure packed vacation to Costa Rica. I found pictures of this trip … Continue reading

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