Goofy Cappuccino Monkeys

Pura Vida again! Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Manuel Antonia National Park so far! Are you ready for more fun and surprise? Don’t forget your sunblock and bug spray, or you’ll be sorry that some thing bugged you.
Listen to the gentle sound of the waves, probably we are very close to the hidden beach.

The Hidden Beach in the Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

The Hidden Beach in the Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Hurry, let’s get to the warm, refreshing waters of the tropics. Woohoo! I see the soft sandy beach and the beautiful sea, can’t wait to jump into the waters.

There are quite a few people here enjoying the luxury of swimming in the warm ocean after a long day of hiking. The waves are a little higher than I might have imagined, and the water is not clear or emerald green or turquoise here, but still lovely. I would trade this beach to the cold ones of Northern California any day.

After eating our bagged lunch, we’ll head a little further to see what awaits us, and then take the trail back to the entrance, and wind up for the day. I have waited for a long time for this particular novelty that our guide spoke of, but where is it? Can’t hold my anxiety anymore!! Let’s take the trail ahead and –  Yeah, finally, we spot them, lots of them, the highlight of this tour – the White Faced or Capuchin Monkeys. These are so, adorable, so cute,  I wish I could hug them and take them home with me.

White-Faced or Capuchin Monkey

White-Faced or Capuchin Monkey

For some reason, they seem to know what to do to win your heart. The Capuchins throw themselves over a branch  like a spiderman on his belly and then let their arms and legs hang down limb and look at you, like – ” Go ahead, I am ready for a picture shoot and for a snack thereafter.”  We don’t want to feed these cute faced monkeys and throw their diet out of whack, even if you see others doing it.

Capuchin Monkeys Enticing Humans

Capuchin Monkeys Enticing Humans

These guys are so intelligent, I will let my picture below do the talking and you can see for yourself what I mean.

Capuchins, showing off what they can do when thirsty

Capuchins, showing off what they can do when thirsty

This group of Capuchins are so friendly, not a wee bit intimidated by humans in their vicinity. My animal loving daughter stretches out her hand towards one of them, and he holds her fingers with his rubbery hand. Unforgettable!

Capuchin Monkey ready to hold my daughter's hand - pun intended!

Capuchin Monkey ready to hold my daughter’s hand – pun intended!

I have so fallen in love with them, I don’t think these Capuchins will ever be etched out from my memory or my heart.

Well, I think the park will be closing soon, and we better hurry along and find our way to the park’s exit. We have had an exciting but tiring day, and can’t wait for a good dinner, a relaxing shower and a deep sleep.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the Manuel Antonio National Park! Stay tuned for more Costa Rican adventure!! Pura Vida!!!


About anointedartist

I am a free-spirited person who enjoys the little things in life as much as the big ones that cross my path. As wife and mother of two wonderful kids, I have learned to take into stride the joys and pains of nurturing my family with laughter and tears. From being a stay-at-home mom for a long time, I have now extended my arms into the community to envelope kids with special needs and work with them. My soul takes delight in creating pieces of art in the form of pottery, card-making, crafting, knitting, crocheting, and list goes on. My long-standing wish to learn pottery-making took form and I have made quite a few interesting projects and love them. I also do prophetic arts (painting) along with my husband at our church during worship now and then and enjoy it. I believe that most of my inspirations come for my Creator and I am just being instrumental in revealing it to others. I feel honored to be used as His anointed vessel to display the creativity He has invested in me.
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