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Fur and Feathers’ Reunion

Who knows what each day holds out for us…some days good, some days so, so, while some…. blah! Today, was the one of the good days for my daughter and me. As we stepped out of the grocery store with … Continue reading

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No Fuss Perennials

These perennials known as ‘Primroses’ have been in my backyard for the last couple of years.  Primroses come in a variety of colors of which, the ones that grace my backyard are in yellow, hot pink and dark purple with … Continue reading

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Blossoming Among the Thorns

For a long time, I have been meaning to blog on this beautiful plant, but couldn’t think of an appropriate title until today when I hopped onto another person’s blog who is going through a tough situation. I wanted to leave … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned, Practical and Whimsical

There’s something about old-fashioned way of life that I harbor very close to my heart. May be through such things, I re-live the childhood days that were so easy-going, before the world turned to grow so complex at such a fast … Continue reading

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