Blossoming Among the Thorns

For a long time, I have been meaning to blog on this beautiful plant, but couldn’t think of an appropriate title until today when I hopped onto another person’s blog who is going through a tough situation. I wanted to leave her a comment on her post but no words seemed right. Later, as I was casually looking through my photo gallery, this picture seemed to convey a message for her. Probably this picture was waiting for its right time.

Crown of ThornsThis woody plant, is called the ‘Crown of Thorns’, for true to its name, it is loaded with long and tough thorns. Yet, tiny red-tinged blossoms and a  sparing number of light green leaves push their way through it all and stick out. The plant in itself neither has the visual appeal nor does it give out any fragrance. Not to forget all those thorns threatening to hurt anyone who dares touch it.

However, there was something about it that never failed to draw me to it and I would take time to stop and admire it in our garden years back when I was in my teens. Many things have changed since then, but my love for this thorned jewel hasn’t ceased and now I have it in my garden after hunting for it , what seemed to take forever. It’s a low maintenance plant, needing just the basic necessities – sunlight and water.

The ‘Crown of Thorns’ seems to give out many deep messages. Just like all those stubborn thorns, some people’s lives have more troubles than good things. Yet, just like those little flowers blossoming among those thorns sticking out and bringing a moment of joy and a smile on someone’s face, are those people who stick it out through all their hardship. Just like the little green leaves adding a touch of new life among those hard, woody stems, these brave people inspire others to live life fully through their lives.

Hope this post has brought a smile on your face today and inspired you to stick out through it all. Don’t give up!!

                                                    This post is not only dedicated to Ella                                                                                                                                but                                                                                                                             all those who are fighting out their battles.


About anointedartist

I am a free-spirited person who enjoys the little things in life as much as the big ones that cross my path. As wife and mother of two wonderful kids, I have learned to take into stride the joys and pains of nurturing my family with laughter and tears. From being a stay-at-home mom for a long time, I have now extended my arms into the community to envelope kids with special needs and work with them. My soul takes delight in creating pieces of art in the form of pottery, card-making, crafting, knitting, crocheting, and list goes on. My long-standing wish to learn pottery-making took form and I have made quite a few interesting projects and love them. I also do prophetic arts (painting) along with my husband at our church during worship now and then and enjoy it. I believe that most of my inspirations come for my Creator and I am just being instrumental in revealing it to others. I feel honored to be used as His anointed vessel to display the creativity He has invested in me.
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