The Good Old Pressing Days

ironbox2Every generation has its own inventions to pass on to the next which undergoes changes for the better. But their roots are most often forgotten or still worse, unknown to many of us down the years as they are buried under periodical revolution. One such gadget which makes me nostalgic is the charcoal
iron box used to press clothes many years ago.

Back then in India, it was a common sight to see a family running ironing business from a tiny shack or a push cart parked in the corner of residential streets. One could just drop off a pile of washed, wrinkled clothes and be assured that he will receive a neat stack of freshly pressed clothes for a nominal fee. It was a nice sight to see a couple working together, the woman refilling a huge iron bowl with hot coal while the husband lifting the modest yet heavy-duty iron box and running it over all kinds of fabric, some of which they might not even dream of owning some day.

The charcoal iron box is made of iron with a wooden handle and has vents on the lower part of the box . It is loaded with hot coals and the lid shut and that’s all there is to it – no settings, no electricity required. This was a life-saver in a place where untimely power-cut was the call of the day. I remember setting out my clothes to iron and then losing my cool when the electricity was cut off, and in a panic, running down the street to the iron-man and begging him to somehow press my clothes, so I don’t get late to work. The poor guy, would manage to get it done in spite of the huge pile of clothes on his ironing table.


Ceramic Iron Box

Well, in recognition of this almost vintage ironing contraption, I created the ceramic iron box seen in both the pictures on this post which won the President’s Award at the Ohlone Art Show 2016

ironboxaward In winning this award, a true tribute has gone towards the old fashioned pressing days! Kudos, not only to the press box but also to all those iron-men and their families who made their meek livelihood pressing clothes of people from all walks of life.

Though this kind of ironing business is declining in India, you could still occasionally see an iron wallah down a street. If you see him, take a moment to stop by and bless him with a kind word or a cup of tea.




About anointedartist

I am a free-spirited person who enjoys the little things in life as much as the big ones that cross my path. As wife and mother of two wonderful kids, I have learned to take into stride the joys and pains of nurturing my family with laughter and tears. From being a stay-at-home mom for a long time, I have now extended my arms into the community to envelope kids with special needs and work with them. My soul takes delight in creating pieces of art in the form of pottery, card-making, crafting, knitting, crocheting, and list goes on. My long-standing wish to learn pottery-making took form and I have made quite a few interesting projects and love them. I also do prophetic arts (painting) along with my husband at our church during worship now and then and enjoy it. I believe that most of my inspirations come for my Creator and I am just being instrumental in revealing it to others. I feel honored to be used as His anointed vessel to display the creativity He has invested in me.
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