Kale with an Indian flavor


Kale Poriyal

Kale smoothies, soups, and even chips have flooded the health-and-fit avenues. How about experimenting it with ingredients from the land of spice – India? Not just generic Indian recipe, for each zone has its own style of cooking. Let’s go south and see how kale can handle the journey.

1 pkg.(10 oz.)  Chopped Kale (washed and dried)

1 tbsp.              canola oil

1/4 tsp.            mustard seeds

1/2 tsp.            channa dhal (optional)

1/2 tsp.            urad dhal

1/2                    red onion, chopped fine

1                        dry red chilli pepper, broken in half

1 sprig              curry leaves (washed)

To taste           salt

1/2 cup            fresh or frozen, grated coconut (if frozen, thaw to room temperature)

Method: Heat oil in a pan on med. high heat. Add the mustard seeds and wait till it splutters.

Add channa dhal and urad dhal and when they turn golden, add the chopped onions, red chilli pepper and curry leaves and sauté till onions turns golden.


Add the kale and sauté for 1 minute and add salt. Cover and cook on medium-low until done. If need be, sprinkle some water, so kale doesn’t burn, cover and cook. Make sure to keep kale leaves crisp and not overcooked.

Add grated coconut to the cooked kale and mix well.

Remove from stove. Serve with rice and dhal (lentil curry).

I love the way Kale has handled the Indian journey and hope you do too.

The term poriyal is a Tamil word for any sautéed vegetable dish which is prepared dry with different spices. Addition of coconut is optional. In the south, it is an everyday side to most vegetarian meals.

Channa dhal is known as Bengal gram and Urad dhal is split black gram and is found in the lentil section of Indian grocery stores. I skipped the channa dhal as I didn’t have it in my spice box at the time. It is not a big deal, only the additional crunch will be absent.




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I am a free-spirited person who enjoys the little things in life as much as the big ones that cross my path. As wife and mother of two wonderful kids, I have learned to take into stride the joys and pains of nurturing my family with laughter and tears. From being a stay-at-home mom for a long time, I have now extended my arms into the community to envelope kids with special needs and work with them. My soul takes delight in creating pieces of art in the form of pottery, card-making, crafting, knitting, crocheting, and list goes on. My long-standing wish to learn pottery-making took form and I have made quite a few interesting projects and love them. I also do prophetic arts (painting) along with my husband at our church during worship now and then and enjoy it. I believe that most of my inspirations come for my Creator and I am just being instrumental in revealing it to others. I feel honored to be used as His anointed vessel to display the creativity He has invested in me.
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