About Me

A full-time mom of 2 kids, a child at heart, a silly woman who laughs and cries easily, lives in sunny California, enjoying the beautiful weather, and taking in everything that is so wonderfully scenic around me.

Sitting with a cup of coffee in the morning, listening and watching birds zip in and out of my backyard, chirping cheerfully is something I enjoy often. I am the kind that would stop in my tracks to watch a birdie, admire a rainbow, or walk with my head back, admiring a star-lit sky. I enjoy walking around with my 12 yr. old daughter looking and, or talking about the flowers, birds, insects and FAIRIES. Yes, I love fairies, the miniature ones!!

I believe that I am an anointed bride with a lot of imperfections and in the on-going process of being refined and renewed.

What I do:

Besides playing mom and wife, I find time to do keep the creative side of me busy. Apart from everyday cooking, I make cards, knit, crochet, paint, do pottery and so on. My husband supports me in all I do and I sometimes cooperate with his so-called constructive criticisms.  I think those well-meant criticisms have given an oomph to a lot of my works.

Some of my work root from ethnic cultures, as I love all things traditional and the story behind each culture. All of my paintings and most of my pottery will definitely have a story to tell.

My Inspiration:

A lot of my inspirations are from Christ with whom I fell in love, many years ago. Though I would not say that I have a first love relationship with Him now as it was years back, my heart is still tuned towards Him. He has been faithful to me more than ever. I give my Lord Jesus all credit for who I am and what my hands have produced and will continue to do.

So you are here, and what now?

I welcome you to be inspired by, if not all, but at least many things I have created, discovered and, or interesting things that have crossed my path. I also hope that you will find encouragement, uplifting of your spirit, and experience the love of Christ that floored me many years ago.

Thanks for visiting my blog!