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Creativity comes from the Creator of the Universe! His creation is my inspiration!

I do prophetic painting along with my husband at church during worship now and then. It’s an honor and a challenge for us to serve the Lord in this area. We enjoy arts but two individuals, and more so, two spouses working together on the same canvas is not easy. It is a bigger challenge since I receive the visions and my husband (the logical one with perspective thinking) has to bring the vision to life together with me.

I am not sure we can do these paintings by ourselves as my weakness is my husband’s strength and his weakness is my strength. We are humbled each time we paint together, as the Lord teaches us to be patient with each other and work in harmony for His glory alone.

Our paintings always have a message from the Lord for people and sometimes directly for me and I love how the Lord speaks to my heart.

The title image is a small piece of one of our paintings which tells about the bridal connection with the Lord.

The Outpouring of the Anointing!

This was our first prophetic painting which was done at our church’s New Year’s Eve worship years back when I never dreamed I would be doing something like this in the near future. I am glad my husband and I took … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

It was an awesome privilege entering the New Year in the house of the Lord with praise and worship. My husband and I did another prophetic painting while my son played the bass with the rest of the worship team. … Continue reading

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