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“You are the potter and I am the clay.”
Pottery has always fascinated me – be it stoneware or earthenware. Since handmade pottery is expensive, I decided to learn to make my own. Though I have come a long way, I am still in the process of learning.
Working with clay though tough on the body, relaxes me mentally, and the end result is very satisfying.

Ceramic Vintage Coal Iron Box

Well, in recognition of this almost vintage ironing contraption, I created the ceramic iron box seen in both the pictures on this post. Stains, engobes, and Advertisements

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Whimsical Totem Pole

Like most ancient art, totems have a history of their own and have majestically stood on the soil of North America communicating a story to passers by. How does one resurrect this idea without replicating the work in this modern … Continue reading

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Nested Trinity Bowls

Understanding and explaining the Trinity of God is often times not easy. The human mind cannot explain or fathom all of God’s ways, yet the simple egg seems to give me a glimpse into the depth that the Trinity of God holds. I have … Continue reading

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Enchanted Fairy Mushrooms!

What do fairies and magic mushrooms have to do with each other? Is it the adorable, out of the world look? Who knows, who cares, I just love fairies and all things fairy!! How do you get such things into … Continue reading

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