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Making the Best of a Long Layover at Singapore Airport! – Part I

International travel may sound exotic until you are half way across the globe on a long flight. Top this with long layovers of six hours or more and then time will seem to move at a snail’s pace. My last … Continue reading

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The Call of the Mountains

Heading down towards the central valley of California, views of the vast agricultural lands of almond trees, orange orchards, and lush vineyards competing with varieties of dry grass is all that will greet you . Who would ever imagine that … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned, Practical and Whimsical

There’s something about old-fashioned way of life that I harbor very close to my heart. May be through such things, I re-live the childhood days that were so easy-going, before the world turned to grow so complex at such a fast … Continue reading

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Zipping Exhilaration Up in the Clouds

Being done with the winged creatures and a quick lunch by beautifully landscaped eating area, we moved on to the much anticipated and thrilling part of the day – zipping through the cloud forest of MonteVerde, Costa Rica. Our guides meet … Continue reading

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Going Green via Creative Encroachment!

Bangalore, known as the ‘Garden City of India’, is now unofficially called the Concrete Jungle. The once beautiful city attributed to its lovely greenery has lost its former glory to the ever rising growth of real estates, IT industries and a constant construction of flyovers. … Continue reading

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What’s all the buzz about?

After our awesome tour of the Butterfly Garden at the Selvatura Park at MonteVerde, Costa Rica, we walked over to the guided tour of the Insect Museum. The thought of being amidst a collection of once alive insects, might send an unpleasant … Continue reading

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Fluttering Away in Costa Rica!

After the hot, humid yet wonderful stay at Manuel Antonio, we headed on a long drive to the next popular town of Costa Rica – MonteVerde. We checked in at the Hotel Poco a Poco, a very eco-friendly place, so environmental friendly … Continue reading

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Goofy Cappuccino Monkeys

Pura Vida again! Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Manuel Antonia National Park so far! Are you ready for more fun and surprise? Don’t forget your sunblock and bug spray, or you’ll be sorry that some thing bugged you. … Continue reading

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Pura Vida!

The alluring rainforests and warm beaches of Central America was a major decision maker for our summer vacation in 2012. So we took off for a 10 day adventure packed vacation to Costa Rica. I found pictures of this trip … Continue reading

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The Sound of Jingling Bells!

The faint jingling of bells started getting more distinct and then all of a sudden the atmosphere is my sis’s house is filled with excitement. My nieces scramble and scream, “The camel man is here.” I wondered what all the hullabaloo was … Continue reading

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