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Going Green via Creative Encroachment!

Bangalore, known as the ‘Garden City of India’, is now unofficially called the Concrete Jungle. The once beautiful city attributed to its lovely greenery has lost its former glory to the ever rising growth of real estates, IT industries and a constant construction of flyovers. … Continue reading

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The Sound of Jingling Bells!

The faint jingling of bells started getting more distinct and then all of a sudden the atmosphere is my sis’s house is filled with excitement. My nieces scramble and scream, “The camel man is here.” I wondered what all the hullabaloo was … Continue reading

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A humble world does exist!

In the midst of all the artificial life that has overwhelmed Bangalore in the past decade, I love to see that there are pockets of areas all over the city that accommodate simple living, the old fashioned way. The weathered … Continue reading

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Revamping the old!

When my brother first spoke about this so called ‘santhe’, I envisioned a weekend market similar to a street market with a little ethnic handicrafts sold here and there. So, made a trip to the unassuming street near Metro Station … Continue reading

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