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Talk about saving some bucks and elbow grease on gardening while adding beauty to your garden, perennials come to mind.

IIris_2015rises- They come in various shades and forms and I don’t have to worry about planting new ones each year. The plants flower each spring, then die in the winter only to come back to life next spring and the cycle goes on. Trust me, I just water them and nothing more.

This one stands in a pot by my pond and showed off its majestic beauty this spring. Thanks to my 11 year old daughter who took this picture who is good at capturing the beauty of nature at the right time.


grapes_vine_2014Our first and only grape plant which started so small, grew into a small vine but didn’t seem to bear fruit. After 3 years of waiting, tiny bunches started forming on the vine. Since neither husband, nor I had seen a  grape bunch in the formation stage, we disagreed on whether these were flowers or baby grapes. Eventually, guess who was right?

We had a great harvest of ever-so-delicious seedless grapes. They were so delightfully sweet. Wow, we never thought in those first 3 years that we will ever see a fruit, let alone a bountiful harvest!!

A Bountiful Single Harvest – 13 lbs. from a single vine at one go!! This reminded of  Caleb and the rest of the spies  who brought back a cluster of grapes so large that it took two men to carry it between them on a pole. http://biblehub.com/numbers/13-23.htm Hmm!! Wonder how bring each grape was and how sweet they were! Bet, they must have been out of the world since God was going to them the best!!


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