Indo Broccoli Slaw Stir-fry

Broccoli_Slaw_SaladAfter years of trying to get my husband to eat veggies, I finally succeeded in finding the solution to one of my frustrations in the kitchen. Never giving up, I figured out that cooking veggies too much, ticked my man off, which is how we ate most vegetarian side dishes back home.

When I found this bag of Organic Broccoli Slaw at my local Trader Joe’s, which is nothing but a mixture of julienned broccoli stems and carrots, and
decided on   Continue reading

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Whimsical Totem Pole

Like most ancient art, totems have a history of their own and have majestically stood on the soil of North America communicating a story to passers by. How does one resurrect this idea without replicating the work in this modern era?

Whimsical Totem

Whimsical Totem

Groups of us, ceramists made totems around  lamp posts for the Ohlone College Campus, each choosing locations and ideas that go together. The beauty of the campus pond with its active turtles Continue reading

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Nested Trinity Bowls

The Trinity of God

Nesting Bowls representing the Trinity of God (Two different views of the same set of bowls)

Understanding and explaining the Trinity of God is often times not easy. The human mind cannot explain or fathom all of God’s ways, yet the simple egg seems to give me a glimpse into the depth that the Trinity of God holds. I have sometimes used the concept of the structure of Continue reading

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Saying Hello and GoodBye!

Dandelion“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” – That is Life!! Beauty, health, wealth, friends, relationships, or life are all but permanent. So enjoy and treasure what you have today in a constructive way! This is one of the lessons, life has been teaching over and over again and m0re so in the past few weeks.

With the new school year just started,  Continue reading

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What’s Your Perceptive About Your Situation?

Driving up the winding mountain roads leading to the campgrounds, I was reminded of this person I met last year at my kids’ camp. I remembered us sitting together and complaining about how nauseous we were.

This afternoon, as I searched for that face among other campers, there he walks in late, calling himself ‘Lost Landry’ and joined us for the parent orientation. One look at him, and I was a little surprised at his appearance, which didn’t look the fit, healthy look he had last year.

Done with the parent meeting, I casually asked him if he had lost weight. His casual answer that it was due to his cancer alarmed me. He said it so lightly like Continue reading

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Reaching Out and Making a Difference

Every so often recently, the sight of a homeless person floods my thoughts with questions for which I cannot really find answers. This video that I coincidentally came upon, moved me deeply and send me reeling into another Continue reading

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It’s all about Tropical Lilies – No Trouble!

No matter how far away in time and distance you are from where you spent a lot of the early years of your life, your heart has a connection to that land in a unique way. Though you love your new land, you still cannot break free from those old connections. They gnaw at your heart fondly, tug your heart strings, the tunes of which sound and echo in all you do, bringing harmony and melody in your surrounding.

canna_lilyIf you have read some of my previous posts, you will see this message reflecting in many ways, among which tropical gardening is one of the top few. Years back, I never really cared about many of the plants that I am so fond of now, probably because they were freely growing around. One of them are the Canna Lilies which are found Continue reading

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Fur and Feathers’ Reunion

Who knows what each day holds out for us…some days good, some days so, so, while some…. blah!

Today, was the one of the good days for my daughter and me. As we stepped out of the grocery store with a loaded cart, our  minds wondering where we parked our car, we heard loud bird chirping within a few feet. We stopped excitedly to look for some song bird in the nearby cement planter. As we moved closer, the chirping got louder and our excitement grew stronger. Suddenly we spotted a little grayish black furry, feathery ball, whose voice was louder than its size. My animal loving daughter right away realized it was a chick fallen from a nest somewhere, and impulsively yet delicately, picked up the poor thing like a little mother hen – so protective  was she, that I was having a hard time trying to get a good picture.

Cowbird ChickIn the midst of all this frenzy, we forgot all about our cart with a lot of frozen items especially boxes of ice-cream sitting in the sun. Oh well, Continue reading

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No Fuss Perennials

Yellow PrimroseThese perennials known as ‘Primroses’ have been in my backyard for the last couple of years.  Primroses come in a variety of colors of which, the ones that grace my backyard are in yellow, hot pink and dark purple with contrasting colors in the middle. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the purple ones at the time I shot these pictures.

The smooth texture and bright colors of the flowers contrast Continue reading

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Blossoming Among the Thorns

For a long time, I have been meaning to blog on this beautiful plant, but couldn’t think of an appropriate title until today when I hopped onto another person’s blog who is going through a tough situation. I wanted to leave her a comment on her post but no words seemed right. Later, as I was casually looking through my photo gallery, this picture seemed to convey a message for her. Probably this picture was waiting for its right time.

Crown of ThornsThis woody plant, is called the ‘Crown of Thorns’, for true to its name, it is loaded with long and tough thorns. Continue reading

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