The Call of the Mountains

Heading down towards the central valley of California, views of the vast agricultural lands of almond trees, orange orchards, and lush vineyards competing with varieties of dry grass is all that will greet you . Who would ever imagine that there are nature’s own breathtaking niches somewhere hidden beyond? Thanks to the inquisitive, daring and relentless people who have gone ahead and explored such wonders of nature.

A visit to Yosemite National Park has been on my to-do list for a long time, but has never made it to my priority list until recently. So, my family and I decided to hit the roads and do a day trip to Yosemite to Continue reading

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Junkyard Treasures: One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure

Something about eras gone by, stirs both the conscious and the subconscious depths of mankind. Is it mystery of the past kindling one’s curiosity or the need to connect with times of old? Whatever the reason, I succumb to it, to learn, be inspired and sometimes restore things that are lost.

Who would imagine that junk cars from bygone times could inspire the art world? Not me, until one day, I had to venture into the junkyard to stimulate some creative juices to flow, so I could gcoral_caret my art assignment started. I will blog on that some time later, but for now I will continue to write about the beauty of old automobiles, some made more interesting by the natural elements in the environment.

It is interesting to find two people from different walks of life being drawn to the same thing for distinctively different reasons yet feel Continue reading

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Farm Weed – Lamb’s Quarters or Bathua Dry Curry


The beauty of  country cooking lies in its simplicity and innovative way of  dishing something out of ordinary ingredients while teasing the palettes of the most finicky eater. While the urbanites might find some of these exotic, their rural Continue reading

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Kale with an Indian flavor


Kale Poriyal

Kale smoothies, soups, and even chips have flooded the health-and-fit avenues. How about experimenting it with ingredients from the land of spice – India? Not just generic Indian Continue reading

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Ceramic Vintage Coal Iron Box

ironCollageWell, in recognition of this almost vintage ironing contraption, I created the ceramic iron box seen in both the pictures on this post. Stains, engobes, and Continue reading

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The Good Old Pressing Days

ironbox2Every generation has its own inventions to pass on to the next which undergoes changes for the better. But their roots are most often forgotten or still worse, unknown to many of us down the years as they are buried under periodical revolution. One such gadget which makes me nostalgic is the charcoal Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Garbanzo Salad

garbanzo_saladGone are the days when I used to enjoy cooking only because I loved to try out new dishes, or loved to help out my mom in her kitchen.  Years later, with a family of my own, cooking has become Continue reading

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I Would Not Have Done That!

Red Sea Parted

How many times have I said to myself – How could they? “I” would not have done that! If I had seen supernatural interventions like that, doubts would never invade my thoughts. Oh really?

When I least expected, Jesus decided to bring me a revelation that took the veil off this seemingly innocent, yet Continue reading

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Indo Broccoli Slaw Stir-fry

Broccoli_Slaw_SaladAfter years of trying to get my husband to eat veggies, I finally succeeded in finding the solution to one of my frustrations in the kitchen. Never giving up, I figured out that cooking veggies too much, ticked my man off, which is how we ate most vegetarian side dishes back home.

When I found this bag of Organic Broccoli Slaw at my local Trader Joe’s, which is nothing but a mixture of julienned broccoli stems and carrots, and
decided on   Continue reading

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Whimsical Totem Pole

Like most ancient art, totems have a history of their own and have majestically stood on the soil of North America communicating a story to passers by. How does one resurrect this idea without replicating the work in this modern era?

Whimsical Totem

Whimsical Totem

Groups of us, ceramists made totems around  lamp posts for the Ohlone College Campus, each choosing locations and ideas that go together. The beauty of the campus pond with its active turtles Continue reading

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